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Monday, April 1, 2013

Internship Reflection and Advice for Other Students

By Thomas Starr
Assurance Intern
San Diego, CA

As my internship at McGladrey comes to a close, I think back on two and a half months of learning and professional growth. There is a lot to be said about any opportunity that allows you to connect “textbook accounting” learned in school to “real life” application of those concepts. It has been an extremely rewarding experience, and I can’t thank the firm enough for granting me this opportunity. Having gotten a taste of what it is like to be an auditor in the field, I feel more confident in my decision to pursue a career as an assurance professional in the public accounting industry. Each day presented unique challenges, and for me, the amount of learning that takes place in such a short period of time is part of what makes this career fulfilling. As my graduation nears, I am getting more and more anxious to (finally) begin that career.

I imagine many readers are looking for opportunities similar to the one I was fortunate enough to be granted, so I want to share some tips that helped me during my internship search. Based on my experiences, I recommend the following (besides getting good grades):

1) GET INVOLVED on campus

If your school has an accounting society and you haven’t joined yet, do it as soon as you can. Whether it is an honorary accounting society such as Beta Alpha Psi or it is a society open to all accounting majors, membership in such an organization will provide many benefits. Take full advantage of what is offered, and attend as many firm presentations and events as you can. It is likely that McGladrey will be on your campus—ask your school’s accounting organization! I suggest that you introduce yourself to the professionals who attend the meetings and events and ask lots of questions. These may be the connections that help you get your foot in the door for an interview!


One of the major networking events is Meet the Firms (basically a career fair for just accounting majors). Many universities will have this or something similar. If your school has it, GO! Talk to the professionals there, and DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE MCGLADREY TABLE! Dress professionally and follow up with the people you meet afterwards.


McGladrey offers a summer leadership program called the Pathways Program, designed for students interested in learning more about public accounting and a career at McGladrey. I went to Pathways in San Diego last year. It was a 3-day program in the summer and consisted of leadership building activities, a community service event, presentations by McGladrey professionals, a tour of a client site, and an interview on the third day. If you are considering a career at McGladrey, I highly encourage participation in this program because by the end you will have a good idea of whether a career at McGladrey is a good fit for you. Additionally, having an interview in the summer means you interview before the traditional fall recruiting season, so you can set yourself apart very early on. Contact your local campus recruiter for more information!

I hope these tips are helpful as you consider a career at McGladrey. Good luck!

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