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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The McGladrey Classic Brings New Talent to McGladrey

Charles Heller
On the final day of 2012’s The McGladrey Classic last October, Charles Heller, an avid golf fan, was lounging on his couch watching televised coverage of the PGA TOUR event.

“I was already vaguely familiar with McGladrey and knew it was one of the large accounting firms in the U.S.,” says Charles. “But watching tournament coverage during those four days, I’d decided it might make sense to do a little research on McGladrey.”

Employed at a small consulting firm located just one hour north of Sea Island, Ga. (where The McGladrey Classic takes place), Charles was considering a possible job change and knew he wanted to locate to a big city like New York or Chicago. “I went online to check out McGladrey job openings, and I couldn’t believe it when I found the perfect position listed,” he says.

Senior Associate – Risk Advisory Services/Financial Institutions, Chicago office.

According to Charles, things happened pretty quickly after that. He inquired online about the job that very same Sunday evening. By 8:30 the next morning, a recruiter for McGladrey had Charles on the phone. On Tuesday, a McGladrey recruiter from Denver also contacted him. And on Wednesday morning, while traveling on business, Charles woke up in his hotel room and turned on the TV and saw—you guessed it—a McGladrey commercial.

“I don’t recall exactly which commercial it was,” says Charles. “But it doesn’t matter. All I knew was that, in one week, I’d gone from being vaguely familiar with McGladrey to being fully aware that my future career might be tied to this firm.”

It wasn’t long after that seven-day whirlwind McGladrey exposure that Charles was in Chicago on vacation. He’d wisely packed an interview suit and was able to use it when he met with McGladrey’s Risk Advisory Services Director. The interview and all follow-up contacts went well. On Jan. 21, Charles started his new job at McGladrey.

“Charles has been a great addition to our team with his industry knowledge and eagerness to serve clients,” says the McGladrey consulting director. “We are very thankful for The McGladrey Classic bringing us this talent.”

“I was a little anxious about making the move,” says Charles. “Leaving a company of only 30 people to join the fifth largest accounting firm in the country was a leap of faith. But McGladrey has a very welcoming culture.”

Young Charles and his Grandpa
on the green.
His new McGladrey coworkers have helped smooth Charles’s transition, and he’s settled in nicely. Now he’s looking forward to the possibility of someday representing his new firm on the golf course at Sea Island, Ga.

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