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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet McGladrey’s 2012 Working Mother of the Year

In the excitement of announcing McGladrey has been selected for the sixth time by Working Mother as one of its 2012 Working Mother 100 Best Companies we would also like to take this time to recognize our very own working mother of the year. Cindy Berg, assurance director in our Davenport office, is a perfect example of what it means to “make it work” both personally and professionally.

Assurance partners Michelle Horaney and Steve McCann nominated Cindy because of her significant contributions to McGladrey, her family and her community. Mom to two children, Kirsten, 5, and Tanner, 7, and wife to Matt, Cindy has found ways to successfully meet the needs of her busy family and the regular demands of her job.

Cindy and family

Michelle praises Cindy for her commitment to “making McGladrey famous” in the higher education arena and supporting employees across the country in their quest to gain experience and knowledge in this industry.

Steve attributes Cindy’s career success to her character and willingness to put what’s right for the firm ahead of her own career goals. Cindy used to work part of the year in financial institutions and part of the year in higher education. Steve recalls, “While working in financial institutions, Cindy expressed interest to focus more on higher education. At the time, financial institutions did not have anyone to replace Cindy’s talent. She was patient before we could transfer her to the education team. That speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.”

Cindy takes advantage of McGladrey’s flexible work options, operating on a reduced schedule. In the nomination process, Steve and Michelle said you would never know Cindy is on a flexible work arrangement because it’s seamless to her clients and coworkers. “Her flexible work arrangement is how she balances her kids’ activities and her work. She takes great responsibility and care to ensure this arrangement works for her family and the firm—to be fully present in both aspects of her life.”

“McGladrey’s commitment to flexibility and the support of my partners and team members are why children at my son’s school know me as ‘Tanner’s mom,’” says Cindy. “Having the flexibility to be involved in the PTA, scouts and Junior Achievement has been a lot of fun for me. They give me an opportunity to stretch my creative side!" 

Cindy offers the following tips for leveraging flexible work solutions:
·         Flexibility is required on everyone’s part. I am asking McGladrey to be flexible with me so I can focus on what’s important in my personal life. But I also need to be flexible with McGladrey when a key deadline or client issue arises.
·         Prioritizing is critical
·         When making decisions around how to flex your schedule, think about how the decision will impact you and those around you in the next ten minutes, ten days and ten years.
·         Surround yourself with a good support system

Congratulations, Cindy! Yours is just one example of how McGladrey's WorkLife benefits make a difference in the lives of our employees.

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