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Friday, July 20, 2012

Update on my Internship

Chicago, IL
Written by Deevy Bhakta

One month down and one to go!  To say time has flown by is an understatement.  In this short time, I know I have gained a tremendous amount of valuable experience.  Working with clients, on site, and seeing McGladrey experts in action, has helped me fine-tune my own professional skills.  I have no doubt that this next month will probably fly by just like the first. 
The day to day work life is a story of its own.  Briana, the other intern on my team and I constantly work with financial documents in Prophix.  While it sounds as fun as a box of nails, applying my current skills into more and more documents is helping me build a sound foundation for the rest of my career.  If that’s not enough, I can always turn around and see a beautiful view of the city, when I get tired of looking at the computer screen.

I quickly learned the environment at McGladrey goes beyond the nine-to-five grind.  The people in the Chicago office have made this an unforgettable experience.  Briana and I consider ourselves very lucky for receiving this opportunity.  Our director, Karen, and navigator, Lucica, have perfectly constructed a schedule that offers the perfect workload.  Nothing during first half has been overwhelming.  Even when we were on a time crunch both of them made sure that they were available if we had questions.  It is always nice to have a good team no matter the circumstance.

Words cannot describe the first month of my internship.  Sadly, in less than 3 weeks, I will no longer get to look forward to the lively streets of downtown Chicago.  With that in mind, my goal is to keep working with the flow and soak it all in.

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