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Monday, June 4, 2012

So . . . you’re a Management Information Systems major and you’re going to be an accountant?

Written by Cameron Rohn
Kansas City, MO

Cameron Rohn

Hello to all of my new readers! I am currently a senior at Kansas State University studying Management Information Systems. I was offered an internship with McGladrey in December, but it seems like yesterday as the summer quickly approaches. Now that school is out, the reality of starting a new chapter in my life is really starting to set in. I will start working in the Kansas City office one week from today as a Network Solutions Consultant, providing services to businesses in a variety of industries throughout the Midwest region.

Explaining my major to other people has always been a challenge. However, coming up with an elevator speech explaining why I would want to work for an accounting firm with a technology related degree has proven to be even more challenging. I honestly wasn’t very familiar with McGladrey prior to interviewing, but the more I learned and continue to learn about the company, the more excited I am about pursuing a career here. Initially, I was one of those people who didn’t fully understand what kind of business an accounting firm had implementing and maintaining computer networks for other businesses.

I eventually discovered that there are many opportunities and advantages to providing a variety of services rather than just tax and assurance. The McGladrey slogan “The power of being understood” is extremely fitting once you understand this dynamic. For a client, the greatest need when hiring consultants is that they have a true understanding of the business’ needs as well as a holistic view of how the company operates. By providing such a wide variety of services, McGladrey is able to create an innumerable amount of value for clients.

A core value at McGladrey is to provide global capabilities with a local touch. Hearing this was the nail in the coffin to other opportunities I was initially seeking. I expect to be challenged daily and cannot wait to feel the excitement of knowing that I drastically improved business operations for a client. I am fully confident that the opportunity ahead of me will be invaluable -- a house of opportunity with no glass ceiling. I have been focused on starting a career in network technology and security ever since I realized the exponential rate of technological advancements and the growing demand in these fields.

I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experiences over the next couple of months with such an audience. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for updates on my life as a Technology Consultant at one of the leading consulting firms in the world.

My success starts here!

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allisonelaine08 said...

Proud of you, Cammy!