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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inside the Head of a Recruiter – Part 2

Written by Alissa Ochs
Senior Campus Recruiter
Western Region

Yesterday, Senior Campus Recruiter for McGladrey, Alissa Ochs, filled us in on the first five of her Do’s of Don’ts of the recruiting process. Today she reveals her final five.

Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Successfully Navigating through the Recruiting Process,  #5 – #1   

5) Do show interest and come with interesting questions prepared. Avoid asking “So what do you look for in a candidate?”, and “I am looking for a great work life balance. Can you tell me more about vacation and how many hours I will be working?” Every company wants fantastic candidates that have high GPA’s, outgoing personalities, and a display of varying interests and involvement beyond their school curriculum among a laundry list of other positive attributes. This question is asked to us so often that it may lead us to feel that you didn’t come prepared with engaging questions. And yes, we do very much value work life balance and believe that you should most definitely take the vacation that you are allotted. However, asking this when meeting a Recruiter or Hiring Manager may lead them to believe that you are not excited about the role; rather, that you are much more enthusiastic about the time when you won’t be spending in the role. Though this most likely is not the case, remember that perception is reality!

4) Don’t forget to smile! It goes a long way. Have some fun with the recruiting process! Professional fun, that is. Humor is great, but make sure it’s tactful and steers clear of anything that may be offensive. When in doubt—refrain!

3) Do send a thank you note via email within 24 hours. If you’re really on the ball and want to make a positive lasting impression, do in addition, not instead, send a written thank you note in the mail. Who doesn’t love mail that’s hand written and most importantly, not a bill? Plus, it’s a great way to get your name back in front of the Recruiter and/or Hiring Manager without being intrusive or overbearing.

2) Don’t be afraid of us! We’re nice, I swear. Just as hard as you are looking for that job that’s the right fit for you, we are looking equally as hard, if not harder, for just the right person to fill the role that we have open. Be yourself, be confident, and be a hit!

And last, but certainly not least…

1) Do formally express your interest in the role and ask for the job! Candidates often get so caught up in the process that they forget to ask for the position. Make eye contact and express why you’d be the perfect person to enhance the team, the role, and the company as a whole.

That being said, the benefits and rewards of this job certainly outweigh the hilarity and awkwardness that we as recruiters often encounter. I have been extremely fortunate to meet a very large group of talented, bright and ambitious individuals who have successfully navigated the “ins and outs” of the recruiting process. I am thrilled to say that many of these individuals have joined McGladrey, or will join us in the near future.

No one is perfect. We get that, and we don’t expect you to be. However, I hope that the tips within these two posts have allowed you to gain a broader insight about the recruiting process from the perspective a recruiter, and also helped you to avoid some of the common pitfalls that can often occur along the way to landing your job.

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