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Friday, May 13, 2011

Have a Great Interview

Written by Kristie Lee
Lead Internal Recruiter
Baltimore, MD

Job interviewing can be very challenging and nerve racking, but with proper preparing and planning, this should eliminate some stress and make you more comfortable and ready for your big day.

Below are some essential tips for a successful interview:

Company Research
·         Gather all information on the company you are interviewing prior to your interview.
·         Review the company website, do research, and find out about company culture, etc. Be very knowledgeable about the organization. 
·         Get details from job descriptions and job postings so you know the position inside and out.
·         Request information on the interviewers you are meeting with (title, how long they have been with company, background, etc). Look them up on LinkedIn.
·         Be prepared to answer “Why do you want to work for our company?”

Practice Interview - Role Play
Practice a mock interview with a family member or friend.  Go over potential interview questions and provide answers.  This will help you prepare and be comfortable answering commonly asked questions.  Review your background (know the facts).  Go over jobs you have held, responsibilities, and skills needed. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Dress for Success
First impressions are lasting impressions and can make a huge difference.  Dress professionally and in a conservative manner.  When you feel good, you will present yourself well, and leave a great impression.

Preparing for the Interview – Plan ahead
·         Always be on time. Arriving 10 minutes early is best.  Never be late, but don’t arrive too early.
·         Go to the location before your interview so you know where to go, where to park, etc.  Become familiar with the area. 
·         Always bring copies of your resume. 
·         Be prepared with effective questions to ask about the job and or company.  Listen carefully to the person interviewing you, keep eye contact and make sure you are answering questions appropriately.
·         Exert a positive and upbeat attitude. 
·         Use examples of skills you have acquired that relate to the job you are interviewing for. 
·         Show passion and enthusiasm.

Thank you
After the interview, always send a thank you card to the people you interviewed with.  Express your interest in the job again, and be sure to include everyone that participated in interviewing you.

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