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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yes, We Are Hiring!

Hiring in the Public Accounting industry is typically very cyclical in nature. For experienced-level positions, most of the hiring happens from May through December. For entry-level and intern positions, most of the hiring during the Fall semester of each school year.

That said, there are still plenty of positions available and currently posted on our Career Website. At last count, we had 179 Experienced-level positions posted, including Supervisor, Manager and Director level Tax positions in New York, a Sr. Associate - Risk Management position in Vienna, VA, and an Audit Supervisor - Health Care position in Minneapolis, MN.

As for our entry-level and intern opportunities, only a few currently are posted, including an Audit-Summer Internship position in Phoenix, AZ.

For any new openings, visit our Careers Search Page where you can search on Keyword, Job Type, Job Category, etc. So, what do you do when you don't find a relevant job posting, create a Job Agent! When you create a Job Agent, you will be notified as soon as a new, relevant job posting is made available. For more information on how to create a Job Agent, please visit this previously posted 'Ask BJ' post where BJ shows you what to do.

In summary, we still have a number of positions available. Many of them require a certain level or type of experience, but even if we don't have what you are looking for now, a Job Agent will be the best way to be notified as soon as new relevant positions open up.


Ayyob Gamouh said...


I'm a student in southern California and recently applied for the summer internship for LA, Irvine, or San Diego. When should I look forward to hear back from the firm?


Ben said...


Please contact your career center to see if we are coming to your campus. If we are, you will likely need to submit your resume there as well to be included in the on-campus interview process. You submit your resume early, since the interview schedule can fill up quickly. If we are not coming to your campus, you will still be considered and should hear from us regarding your status soon.

Ayyob Gamouh said...

Thank You Ben. I McGladrey will not be on my campus for this recruiting season. I was told by others that they are down-sizing their internship program. I did apply online and look forward for someone's reply via phone or Email.

Thanks Again.

Ben said...

Ayyob - Good to hear. 'Downsizing' is probably not the most appropriate word here. Our intern hiring needs are less this year, and that's based upon the amount of work that we can provide to bour interns. We want our interns to be busy with client work, otherwise, the internship is not mutually beneficial. As we have more work in the future where we can involve our interns, our intern hiring numbers will increase again.