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Friday, February 12, 2010

Female McGladrey Leaders Find Balancing Success in Florida ran a great article last week regarding McGladrey's Melbourne, FL office, which happens to be led entirely by women. The two Partner/Managing Directors in fact are Brevard County natives and started with the firm on the same day in the same office 20 years ago, all while raising their families.

Terri Burdine, who oversees the Tax Practice had one of the best quotes in the article related to leadership and her focus on people and talent:
"A successful leader has to be able to empathize with her staff and show them support if she is to expect the same in return. We seek out the best talent – professionals with a drive to succeed and qualifications to bring value to clients – but we keep that talent because we care. We express a genuine interest.”
If this sounds good to you, the Melbourne office actually has a Tax Manager position currently available. Click below to learn more:

Tax Manager - Melbourne, FL

Read more about this inspiring story of leadership, flexibility and success:

RSM McGladrey: Balancing While Providing the Best

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