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Friday, August 21, 2009

Podcast: WorkLife Culture and Programs

Over the past year, we've had numerous posts regarding McGladrey's commitment to work-life flexibility. Teresa Hopke, McGladrey's Director of Talent Management and resident work-life expert, explains in a recently recorded Podcast what the components of our work-life culture are, the programs that support these initiatives, the recognition we have received, and the effect that these programs are having on our workforce.

Our work-life culture and programs are a core component to the employee experience here at McGladrey. To learn more, please click on the link below.

Click here to listen to the Podcast


Brad said...

This sounds really great and is very admirable. I was wondering to what extent these benefits have been applied to the consulting division of your company. I imagine that is a little more difficult due to the nature of the work performed by consultants.

Ben said...

Brad - Excellent question. The fact is that these benefits are available to all of our employees, including those in our consulting practice. What we want to provide is flexibility when it can work for the employee and the company, and that works better in some cases than others. Flexibility can mean simply that someone can take off early once or twice a week to coach his kid's soccer team. Many of our consultants work remotely, which can often open up flexibility options.

Flexibility aside, our consultants are also able to easily take advantage of our other work-life benefits including:
- Coach on Call
- Wellness benefits (EAP, StayWell, GlobalFit)
- Extended Care Cash
- Adoption benefits
- Conceirge program
- Paternity leave
- ... and more

We take alot of pride in providing flexible benefits whereever, whenever and to whoever possible.