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Monday, August 10, 2009

July Poll Results

The results of our July poll are in, and like me, most of you (34%) prefer to go to the beach when on vacation. In fact that's where I was last week, on the Delaware shore, enjoying the sun, the sand, steamed crabs, etc.

I won't go into alot of detail from the results of this poll as it was really just for fun. I can't say that in this day and age that 13% of you don't foresee any vacation coming at all. Hopefully you can find some time for some rest and relaxation, even if it's in your own backyard. What I was shocked to see was that none of the 44 respondents liked to go to Amusement Parks. No one goes to Disney anymore?

We are back though and have lots of news, insights and information coming up for you over the next couple weeks, so make sure to check back often. In the meantime, I'm a bit more tan today, but back at work nonetheless. Vacations never last long enough, do they?

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