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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Balancing Work and Life...with an occasional massage

***Today's post comes from a Tax Associate in the Upper Midwest Economic Unit, Darla.***

McGladrey’s commitment to WorkLife balance has impacted my families’ life by helping me meet my education and career goals. The Education Reimbursement Program (one of McGladrey’s WorkLife offerings) has helped me keep my focus on completing my Accounting degree and not on how it was going to get paid for. The program is a great motivator for employees that are debating the idea of going back to school.

After completing my degree I was able to transition from the finance department to the tax department. My education has allowed me to be a more effective tax associate in addition to enhancing my knowledge while working in finance. McGladrey's emphasis on assisting individuals in meeting their career goals was reassuring when I decided to make the transition; I knew they would guide and support me through the process.

In addition to utilizing the Education Reimbursement Program, I integrate WorkLife by dedicating at least one night a week to just hang out with my family. I do not worry about work or school; my family gets my entire attention on that day. Also, when I am feeling overly stressed or burnt out I take a lunch break to go get a massage.

If you are struggling to achieve WorkLife success you should consider looking at McGladrey. It is important to understand that McGladrey not only promotes WorkLife but follows through with it. It has been wonderful to see and experience how everyone wants to help you succeed.

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