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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Tax Season Fun Starts Here

*** Today's post comes to us from Sharon Burton, Recruiting Manager based in our Kansas City, MO office ***

The tax partners in our Kansas City office know that it takes more than just crunching numbers and staying abreast of tax laws to survive the busy season. Fully aware and experienced with the demands of the season, tax leadership goes the extra mile to help prepare the team for the schedules (no pun intended) that lie ahead.

Members of the group generally kick off the season with a team building event. Two years ago, teams competed against each other in a bake off contest . . . the most creative cake winning. Last year they beefed it up a bit with a bumper car bash; while this year they vied for merit at a shuffle board tournament held at a local pub and restaurant.

The fun continues throughout the busy season with Tax Season Olympics. Medal winning activities include rubber band shooting, throwing washers in a hole (technically a styrofoam cup), a bean bag toss, egg races, knee hockey and hula hoop contests, to name a few. In between events, some folks compete in a friendly game of Family Feud while still others strive for recognition of the most weight gained/lost or maintained (a real feat considering the snacks that are in ample supply). By chance if these stress busters aren’t enough, members of the Tax Department are treated with 30 minute chair messages and meals each week night.

With all of these indulgences and team commitment, surprisingly, April 15th comes more quickly than you think. Interestingly enough, it is a rather quiet day . . . until the season finale party! And on the 16th you ask? Ask most tax associates what they will be doing on that day . . . sleeping in, of course!

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