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Monday, November 17, 2008

Southern, CA Team McGladrey Goes to the Zoo

On Saturday, September 20th, over 20 Southern, CA McGladrey employees, family members and friends made their way to the Santa Ana Zoo to take part in Easter Seals Walk With Me. Easter Seals is an organization that provides services to individuals with disabilities and special needs. These services include physical rehabilitation and job training to help people with disabilities participate as a productive member of the community.

The walk took place at the Santa Ana Zoo, and started off in the village area set up by Easter Seals. There were refreshments, music, cheerleaders, and even some hula hoop action! You don't really know your co-workers until you've seen them working a hula hoop. The walked took us all around the zoo and we were completely entertained by the monkeys, who seemed to be having some kind of party of their own! There was also a farm area with goats, pigs and ducks; which entertained several of the young children who came out to walk for this great cause.

One of the highlights of the day came at the end of our walk, when our team was introduced to several of the Ambassadors, who are individuals with disabilities who have benefited from Easter Seals services. It was heart-warming to get a chance to talk to them and hear about what a large impact the Easter Seals has made in their lives. Debbie Ball, the Easter Seals Event Manager, sought out the McGladrey team during the event to find us, as we had one of the largest teams at the event!

Overall, Team McGladrey was able to raise $625 for Easter Seals. Go Team!!

If you'd like the opportunity to work alongside people who not only make a difference at McGladrey, but also our local communities, then feel free to check out some of our job openings here in Southern, CA.

Tax Director - Irvine, CA
Tax Manager - Irvine, CA
Tax Supervisor - Irvine, CA
R&D Director - Irvine or Pasadena, CA

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