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Monday, February 16, 2015

Tips for Spring Recruiting Season

Now that second semester is in full swing, students are starting to become aware of their university's upcoming career fairs and various opportunities to meet potential employers. Accounting students, in particular, need to be aware of many firms' recruiting timelines. At McGladrey, we like to say we recruit a year in advance. Meaning, as we head out on campus this semester, our priority is to recruit Winter/Spring 2016 interns. Here are some tips to ensure that you have a successful day at your upcoming career fair:
  • Updated Resume: Be sure to bring copies of your most current resume. This includes listing your expected graduation date along with your expected CPA eligibility date. Your CPA eligibility is one of the most important things we look at on your resume.
  • Winter vs Summer Internships: Know which internship season will work best with your graduation timeline. Winter internships give you the most exposure to what it's like to be a tax or assurance associate. Summer internships are geared toward consulting.
  • Assurance/Tax/Consulting: You can only interview for one line of business, so have an idea of which area you would most like to pursue. If you're unsure, speaking to our staff provides a great opportunity to learn about life as an intern in assurance/tax/consulting, as each line of business varies.
  • Research: This one is obvious, but make sure to do some research on the firms that interest you before the career fair. We're always impressed by students who can tell us why they're interested in McGladrey over other firms.
  • Questions: These are important. Prepare a list of meaningful questions that you can't find the answers to on our website. There will be former interns and new associates at the fair who just went through the recruiting process not long ago, and are great resources when it comes to getting to know the firm.
  • Apply: Be aware of the application deadline through your university's recruiting system. We meet a lot of great candidates and want to ensure that everyone has the chance to apply for an interview. It's best to do so right after the fair while all of the firms are still fresh in your mind.
  • Business Cards: Ask whomever you speak with for their card. If you have any follow-up questions regarding position requirements, application process, or the firm in general, you'll be able to easily reach out to someone.
McGladrey campus recruiters are excited to head out to campus this semester and are looking forward to meeting bright, talented students! Check with your career services to see if we'll be at your university/college soon!

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