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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

McGladrey Presence at the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

McGladrey helped NABA celebrate bright young stars and future personalities of the profession during it’s annual Conference. Rich Caturano, McGladrey partner and leader of the National Culture Diversity and Inclusion initiative spoke at the NABA Leadership Breakfast. Rich gave compelling remarks on what leadership means using real world examples which delighted the accomplished and emerging leaders in attendance. McGladrey principal, Tyrone Beasley led a the Opening Forum Discussion to an audience of hundreds of attendees on Discovering and Nurturing Top Talent. And McGladrey employees of all staff levels came from across the nation to support the effort and to be ambassadors for McGladrey among the interested young candidates and experienced professionals.

All felt that the highlight of the Career Fair at events such as NABA has been the McGladrey “Personalities Wanted” Contest. The group of NABA attendees which fall in the Millennial’s category are promising young students who love their smart phones, YouTube and video chatting and happen also to be talented accounting and finance majors and/or recent graduates. These in demand attendees were drawn to the McGladrey booth in droves and the opportunity to record their own personal, unscripted, 1-minute commercial in which they convey 1) their “Passion” for the profession, 2) their “Purpose” in choosing accounting and finance as a career and 3) their unique “Personality” traits as to why they bring special value to both the NABA organization and to potential employers. The participants got to take their video away on a thumb drive, so they had their own keepsake from the experience. The winning video, selected from the hundreds recorded, received a $1000 award at the event dinner , presented by Rich Caturano and Tracey Walker, McGladrey Director of Government Relations. They also played the winning video for the entire dinner audience to see, to cheers and laughter in support of great young talent.

The link below is of the 2014 NABA video winner. The video has not been edited but is provided in edited form for the event presentation. At the gala, this video and presentation of the $1000 was the highlight of the gala evening as the young person references what truly inspires them and how they intend to make a difference in their careers. This is aligned with the mission of the organization and serves as an inspirational highlight to all who support NABA.

2014 McGladrey NABA Personalities Wanted Video – Sample "Winner Teonna Lonon"

McGladrey is a proud triple platinum sponsor of NABA as this and other Diverse Trade organizations enrich the lives of McGladrey professionals through CPE, industry insights and professional development. It also provides a national platform to promote the firm and recruit top diverse talent.

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