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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A career in public accounting goes beyond just numbers

by B.J. Snelling
National Talent Acquisition Manager
Denver, CO

I recently was able to visit our Boston office location for the first time and had a chance to meet and speak with some McGladrey team members I’ve not met before. My day consisted of interviewing seven different employees from Senior Associates to the Partner level on their idea of mentoring and learning from a career advisor advisee relationship. As I listened to each person talk, I learned that building a career in public accounting goes beyond working with the numbers and working with the details of each client engagement, but it’s about the people you work with – the people you connect with. 

McGladrey Boston Office
Consistently, I was told that it’s the people at McGladrey that truly make each day rewarding for them and make them want to get up each morning and learn something new. It’s the people at McGladrey that make our culture unique. It’s the way that they can grow and learn from formal career advisor relationships and more informal mentor/mentee relationships as well. Each person I sat with echoed a heart-felt sentiment that they are there for each other and committed to developing each other as well-rounded employees and members of the greater community.

If you are setting your sites on a career in public accounting, whether that is here at McGladrey or somewhere else, be sure to find a place where you can truly connect with the people and where the commitment to your development will be recognized. It’s those people you surround yourself with that will help you rise and elevate to your fullest potential. 
Boston office art gallery

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