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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tips for Successful Flexibility from McGladrey Working Mom

Victoria Umphress
Las Vegas Director Victoria Umphress has worked a flexible work schedule for years to sustain her personal and professional priorities. In the process she’s become a role model to those now seeking success both at work and at home.

At home, Vicki is a wife and mom of two. Over the years, their family has relocated for her husband’s career, and she was able to smoothly transition to different McGladrey locations before coming full-circle back to Las Vegas, where she started.

When her children were younger, Vicki worked a reduced work schedule four days a week, which allowed her to spend full days off with them. As they got older, she shifted her hours to five shorter days a week. “Now I’m able to pick up my kids from school, help with their homework, and put in work time after they go to bed,” she says. “Being able to change my flexible schedule as my needs have changed has been key.” 

lexibility has been a two-way street for Vicki. While taking advantage of two of McGladrey’s flexible work options, Flex Time and Telecommuting, she remains flexible, too. “I ramp it up during busy season, and cut back during less busy times.” 

Michelle Huang, a manager in Los Angeles, has worked with Vicki in varying roles since 2008. “Somehow Vicki makes it work,” Michelle says. “She manages to maintain an excellent professional reputation, while still being able to be at home when necessary. As a new mom, I look to her as my shining example of what I should be as a working mother.” 

or those who may be struggling to balance their personal and professional priorities, Michelle offers this advice: “Find people who you trust and can talk to, because if you’re going through it, others have already gone through something similar.” 

Vicki’s message, especially to younger women, is, “You can have a successful career and home life. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other.”

She offers these tips for flexibility and success:
  • Staying organized is key. Map out personal and professional commitments, and prioritize
  • Integrate your personal and professional calendars to coordinate travel, appointments, etc.
  • As challenging as it is, sometimes you have to let the small stuff go
  • Communicate—with your spouse, family, coworkers and leaders
Vicki credits the support of her husband, colleagues, leaders, and McGladrey’s policies on flexibility for her success. “It’s made all the difference. Without their support, I couldn’t pull this off!”

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