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Monday, December 17, 2012

Preparing for your Busy Season Internship

By Amanda Kerney
Fort Lauderdale Audit Associate January 2013

My name is Amanda Kerney and I completed my assurance internship with McGladrey during the summer of 2011 and will be starting full-time this January! During my internship, I picked up a few tips and I am excited to take what I learned and apply it to my first year as an Audit Associate. I hope that you can find at least one of my tips helpful as you begin your busy season internship.  

1.       Make sure to smile and be excited to learn!
You will not know much going into the internship. But don’t worry - the team will teach you everything you need to know. Remember to ask questions! You will be confused and need double or triple explanations but it’s ok; the team will be willing to answer them!

2.       Dress as if this is your profession
You want to make a good impression on your team and superiors so make sure you are formally dressed for the job.

3.       Be proud of yourself for being granted an internship
This is a chance for you to learn about the industry and if you would like to pursue accounting as a career.

4.       Remember to take notes
During the internship, you will be given tasks that might be tedious and long. Make sure to be prepared to write notes when the team describes the process to you.

5.       Remember to bring supplies (Pencil, Pen, Laptop)
If going into Auditing, you will be given tasks where you need to make small marking on the audit paperwork. Make sure to remember to bring a pencil instead of having to ask the team for it.

6.       During downtime, make sure to use it wisely
If your team has granted you downtime (duration when you have finished your work and are waiting on more work to be given), then try to increase your knowledge of the team, software (learn tutorials), or read up on the client you are currently on.

7.       Be on time for work and take into account traffic
Try to research the location of the client (for audit) and make sure you leave ample time to arrive on time

8.       If the firm is having events, try to attend
This will give you a chance to meet the rest of the firm employees and learn about their experiences

9.       Make sure to connect with your co-workers on LinkedIn
This will give you a chance to stay connected with your team after you finish your internship and before you start working fulltime. If you have questions about the firm or the accounting industry, you can connect through LinkedIn.

10.   Do not focus on worrying about whether or not you will get the full-tome offer
Try to focus on your performance during the internship and remember to ask for feedback throughout the period.  The internship is designed for you to learn about the firm and if you fit well with the firm’s culture. Not for you to have mastered your job/work papers. 

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