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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Summer with McGladrey

By Gianna Migliaccio
Assurance Intern
New York, NY
I cannot believe that I am writing my final blog post back in Syracuse already.  Where did this summer go? I guess the old saying is true—time really does fly when you’re having fun! This summer with McGladrey was an absolute success and I don’t even know how to begin reflecting on my experiences. I just wish that I could go back and start again for such a variety of reasons.
Since my last post I have many updates to write about.  Although my fantastic team (team 4) did not win the audit project, we are still so proud of ourselves and the work that we did. Our final presentation went better than any of our practice runs and we couldn’t have been happier. To maintain a competitive advantage many of the intern groups kept their concepts a secret from each other, which became quite difficult since we were always together. We would sneak around the office with our supplies and hid our board until our presentation, which is pretty funny to think back on.  However, since the internship is over, now I can finally reveal details about our presentation! We made McGladopoly, a McGladrey version of the classic game Monopoly to detail the steps of an audit.  Each space on the board was specific to McGladrey and to New York City. Although we didn’t win the audit project, my group was able to win the tax project! Since I was out of the office working on an audit for a new client during the time of the tax project I was not able to share their victory, but it was a win-win for all of us.  Oh the life of an auditor--you really never know where you’ll be!
However, the travel and client work is part of what drew me to audit in the first place.  My desire to be in audit was reinforced through this audit especially. I love teamwork and the notion of an ever-changing work environment and luckily for me, this client was in the city! This didn’t change my commute, which was kind of a relief since this audit lasted for the duration of my internship. But overall, this experience provided me with more than I had expected when I was first assigned to it.  My time was extended and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I valued my team, and they were great teachers.  It was really exciting to be able to sign off on parts of the audit myself and to also be confident in the work that I was doing.  And as a result of this experience I realized that I absolutely love financial services, which I never anticipated.  I always thought I’d want to work in commercial, but now I’m positive that financial services is the sector for me!
The fact that I was out of the office for the last few weeks of the internship was bittersweet to say the least.  I wouldn’t have traded that opportunity, but I did miss being in the office with the rest of the interns.  We had become so close over the summer, that I found myself missing them and our dynamic as a whole. But, spending the last day at the Mets game with everyone was a great way to end the summer and have a fun relaxing day with both interns and employees outside of the office. It was as if we were campers all grouped together in matching t-shirts.  I loved it.
But overall, I truly believe that you can do the same job anywhere, especially in this field, but it is the people that make the difference.  This summer, I learned a lot, I met great people and made new friends that I know I will be close with for years to come.  And now, I am back at school embarking on my Masters degree and am thrilled to know that next fall I will be starting my career with McGladrey.  I can remember back to sophomore year attending my first event with the firm, and to now know that I will be working there is the greatest way to start this year and an even sweeter way to end the summer.  

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