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Friday, April 8, 2011

McGladrey Interns Pause for a Break – with a Game!

Written by, Amanda McGuire
Tax Intern
Des Moines, IA

For that 2:30 feeling….

A few times a week in the Des Moines office, the busy season interns invite people from the office (everyone is welcome!) to a 2:30 pm game of chance where the last person standing ‘gets’ to buy a $.50 item out of the vending machines for all of the participants. The games are simple ones that help build a lot of camaraderie within the team of participants and help the interns get to know people that they may not normally work with.

My personal favorite is a game called Pop Flip. In this game, the participants each flip a quarter and then hold their hands up if they got heads and down if they got tails. The minority group is out of the game. This flip continues until there are only two participants remaining and for the final flip, they must guess whether the other person will have heads or tails. The one who guesses wrong is deemed the last person standing and therefore gets to make a few trips to the vending machine to purchase and deliver each participant’s $.50 order. 

On average, about 15 people play and of course, you win some and you lose some. The games provide a fun break when that 2:30 feeling starts to hit, though, and is a great ice breaker for meeting new people at McGladrey.

The Des Moines interns demonstrating Pop Flip - From L to R:
David Miller, Chad Bruntz, Amanda McGuire, Jeremy Burkle, Paul Wampler, Ben Currie, Lindsey Kimmerle, Scott Heemstra and Caitlin Howard

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