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Monday, February 14, 2011

Once McGladrey & McGladrey again!

Written by, Jack Degnan
Assurance Senior Associate, Connecticut

In 2005, I began my career at McGladrey & Pullen as an audit staff in the Southern Connecticut Economic Unit. From this position, I was been able to gain valuable experience working in various industries. A year and a half after joining the Connecticut EU, I inquired about an inter-office transfer to the Fort Lauderdale, Florida office. The Partners in the Connecticut EU were very helpful during the transition. They answered every question that I had about making the move and accommodated me throughout the entire process. Upon my arrival in Florida, the only noticeable difference between the two offices was the weather; there was the same great work atmosphere and camaraderie that I had enjoyed in Connecticut and staff members went out of their way to answer any questions I had about adjusting to the new office or getting acquainted with the area. Everyone in the Florida office was very friendly and made my transfer much easier than I had anticipated. At the beginning of 2009 I decided to make a career move and left the firm. Before leaving, I sat with my advisors and discussed my decision. They offered insightful feedback, valuable advice and told me that I should never hesitate to contact them if I needed anything in the future.

It did not take long after my departure for me to realize what a quality firm like McGladrey & Pullen offers their employees as far as resources readily available, industry expertise, and opportunities to relocate or travel to different parts of the country, all while maintaining a great work-life balance. After two years with a different firm, I returned to the Southern Connecticut EU in 2011. From my first day back, I was welcomed by my colleagues and made to feel as if I had never left. After my time away I have come to realize that McGladrey is a very flexible place to work that provides many opportunities for you to advance your career, wherever that may be.

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