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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My First Two Months at McGladrey. What Should You Expect?

Today's post comes to us from Sara Hafezi, a Tax Associate who started in our Chicago office back in August of this year. Sara will be sharing with us today how her first couple months have gone and what you might expect if you join us as a new Associate in the future. will fly by. That is the best way I can describe what your first few months at McGladrey will be like.

Here’s how my first few months have gone. Right before I started, in August, I went to a BBQ thrown by McGladrey’s Chicago Financial Services Group. Everyone there was welcoming and friendly, and I was excited to start. That Monday, the whirlwind began with training, and, before I knew it, I was at work until 10:00pm preparing tax returns for the September 15th deadline.

It was hard work, unlike any all-nighters or finals prep in college. It is an experience that no one can understand besides the people you work with. Bonding over that shared relief on the night of September 15th is one of the things that makes it all worthwhile and makes McGladrey a wonderful place to work.

On September 16th, though, it was back to work. I got to go back to my alma mater, University of Illinois, to help with recruiting. Let me tell you, it was MUCH better being on this side of it! When we got back to Chicago, it was time to prepare the next round of tax returns for the October 15th deadline.

In less than 3 months I have been with McGladrey, I have learned an incredible amount, experienced a lot of things and met a lot of smart and amazing people.

Based on how fast these months have gone by, I have a feeling that the regular tax season will be here and gone, and before I know it, maybe YOU will be preparing tax returns with me for the September 2012 deadline, too!

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