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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ask BJ - Making the most of Job Agents

A frequent question that we see from candidates while searching our career site for jobs is:

"What happens if I don't see a job that matches what I am looking for? how do I go about submitting a resume?"

I addressed this in a prior post, but not only is it worth mentioning again, but we also have recently made some enhancements to our process, so we wanted to make sure we relay the most up-to-date information on to you.

To help ensure that candidates do not get 'lost' in the resume database and that they are directed on to the most appropriate recruiter for a response, we need to have a resume submitted to a specific job. If you are not able to find a specific job to apply to, a 'job agent' can be created. With the job agent function, our Career Site will email you once a job match is found.

When creating your job agent, complete the fields shown below and then 'confirm' your entries.

  • Job Agent Name (something you pick, a title to remember what you have created)Keyword (if desired)
  • Frequency (NEW - you can now tell our career site how often you want to receive alerts)
  • Expiration Date (NEW - you can tell our career site when to disable this alert)
  • Job Category
  • State
  • City
  • Position Level

Note - you can always modify or delete an existing job agent or create a new one. You can create and save up to 3 separate job agents on the Career Site.

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