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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Shawshank Redemption - A Screenplay: Part 2

Last week, I kicked off a series of posts (in screenplay form) on my experiences preparing for and taking the CPA Exam. What I thought was going to be a slam-dunk has turned into something much more challenging and unexpected. Could things get worse? Lets' find out as we continue with...

My Shawshank Redemption - A Screenplay

Scene Three

Setting: Library, end of October; late evening; dim light from reading lamp; quiet and empty.
Music: Faint, indistinguishable, dark classical – think Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.
Opening Scene: Rachel (pale, hair tucked under cap, vacant stare, head resting on table).

Boyfriend (cheerful): Babe, you look exhausted. You ready to go…want to grab some dinner? Rachel (dejected): I can’t. I’ve got to study.
Boyfriend (kindly): Well, are you hungry? Can I bring you something or do you want to eat later with friends?
Rachel (disheartened): Friends – that would be a no. I think they’ve given up on me. I’m sure they’re tired of the same response to every invitation - “Sorry, I’ve got to study.” Besides, I’m too tired to eat. I’ll just grab some cereal later. You go ahead – I’ll be here a few more hours. Boyfriend: Love you!
Voice over, Rachel to self (derisive): Of course…how could you resist such a lovable, fun, amusing, witty and interesting girlfriend? ... (fade to black)…

Scene Four

Setting: Library, mid-November; early evening; dark, only faint light from lamps. Desolate & lonely atmosphere.
Music: No music; dull, monotonous humming – think monks faintly chanting.
Opening Scene: Rachel (dazed, frowning, haggard, stressed, coughing) walking slowly, methodically, haltingly to study area – think “Dead Man Walking”).

As Rachel sits down, she realizes with horror that she is humming Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb.” She jumps up, grabs her laptop and bolts for the door. She knows she’s in serious trouble. She needs help…and she knows what she needs to do.
Cue music: theme from ”Gone with the Wind”
Voice over, Rachel to self: And I know what I’ll do – like Scarlett returning to Tara, I’ll go home where I can find comfort & sanity and shore up my strength. Thank God for Thanksgiving break … (fade to black)…

Is Rachel’s furlough a success? Is home a restorative tonic for her battered spirit? Or does her eccentric Southern family, a menagerie of unconventional characters, send her over the edge?

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