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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Career Options Abound in McGladrey Tax Practice

When I started my professional accounting career in the tax practice many years ago, I found I was not well informed about all the different disciplines available within this line of business. My knowledge at the time was limited to the one individual tax class offered during my undergraduate degree. Only after joining a Big 8 firm after graduating from the University of Illinois, did I find there was a lot I didn’t know which might have affected some of the early career choices I made. With hindsight being 20-20, I wish I was afforded the opportunities in college that most students today now have. These days, most accounting programs offer masters degrees, many with tax tracks, that do an excellent job at educating soon-to-be college graduates about issues with pass-thru-entities, State and Local Taxes, International Tax issues and High Net Worth planning. These courses help open the eyes of future accounting graduates to the exciting and rewarding tax career options that are available within most large firms.

Today, McGladrey employs over 1,700 professionals within our fast growing, multi-faceted tax practice. We are continuously looking for ways to support colleges and universities by helping raise the awareness level that there are other options available than beginning an accounting career in audit/assurance. To this end, we have posted tax specific service line profiles to our career site to allow you to explore these areas further.

On each of these pages, you will also find podcasts by the leaders of these respective areas, where you can listen to how they describe their practices. Click the links below to explore and learn more, it may change the way you view your future.

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