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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Career Development - The McGladrey Way

At McGladrey, it's important to us to ensure that our employees feel confident that they can achieve their career objectives with the firm. Over the past year, unprecedented efforts have been made to help define for our employees just what it takes to grow their careers at McGladrey, and what options are available to them.

Earlier this summer, the results of this work began to roll out to our employee population, starting with our Tax Practice. A powerful site on our intranet is already serving as a useful tool our employees and their advisers to help them start to understand better what knowledge, skills and experiences they need to have to get to the next level, and how they can literally map their career progression moving forward. Similar resources will be rolled out to the rest of the firm in the coming months.

The video below will provide you a glimpse into what this initiative is all about. You will hear from Mike Metz (Executive VP, Tax Services), Kimpa Moss (Chief HR Officer and former Tax Services Leader), Teresa Hopke (Director of Talent Management), and others as they describe the importance of career development at McGladrey, and the useful tools that are now available to our employees in the Tax Practice.

Thanks to CareerTV for producing another great video for us.

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