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Thursday, June 18, 2009


June 10th was a pretty fun day for me. Why? Because I got my hands on the new Tiger Woods 2010 video game and got to sit down to play arguably one of my favorite games that seems to improve itself year over year. Yes, I love video games and no, you're never too old to play!

But here's the really cool part: the game features two of Team McGladrey's golfers. Natalie Gulbis and Chris DiMarco are both in the game complete with McGladrey logos on their clothes (thanks to for the screenshot).

The screenshot above certainly won't do it justice, but when you see it in HD the "McGladrey" on Natalie's hat is clear as day.

I think it is pretty cool to have the company I work for represented in a video game as popular as the Tiger Woods franchise (yes, that's probably pretty nerdy of me to say, but hey, video games are a multi-billion dollar industry so I'm glad McGladrey is a part of it). McGladrey also sponsors the McGladrey Team Championship every year and is the official accounting firm for the PGA of America. I guess you could say McGladrey is all over this golf thing!

The US Open starts this week and Team McGladrey will be represented "in real life" on the Bethpage Black course by Zach Johnson. He's got a challenge in front of him because the Bethpage Black course is one of the most difficult courses in America.

Since I'll never be 1/10th as good as those guys I'll stick to playing against them via a video game. I wonder...if I beat them if I could be a "virtual" member of Team McGladrey? Probably not, but I might have to propose that idea!

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