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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

McGladrey Increases Support to Junior Achievement During Challenging Times

According to an article in this Sunday's Palm Beach Post, McGladrey, along with a number of other companies have increased their support to the Palm Beaches chapter of Junior Achievement. Apparently the Madoff scandal affected a foundation that provided funding to BizTown, a Junior Achievement program that " fifth-graders the chance to be CEOs for a day in a fictitious town that exposes students to business, entrepreneurship, and financial planning."

In light of this reduction in funding, local business leaders have increased their support (funding and volunteers) to Junior Achievement. In fact, of the 17 volunteer instructors, 7 were from or affiliated with McGladrey. McGladrey Managing Director (and local Junior Achievement chapter Treasurer) Pete Bozetarnik said:

"The timing couldn't have been better. Tax accountants and auditors were coming out of our business tax season and looking for something different to do....We jumped on this Pleasant City (program) and got all wrapped up."

According to the Post, "Among the topics taught were job and financial skills, banking and the concept of goods and services." More than 300 children benefit from this program, a program local officials are very happy with.

In light of the challenges that we continue to face in this economy, particularly those challenges brought upon us by various scandals, it's great to see companies like ours step it up to make a difference.

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