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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From one firm to experience moving to McGladrey

***This post was contributed by one of the Upper Midwest Economic Unit's (UMEU) newest Senior Associates on the Health Care Not for Profit (HCNP) team in Minneapolis, Ryan.***

I came from a small accounting firm to the HCNP audit group on July 21.

I have been here two months and these are my experiences so far:

It was challenging the first few weeks, trying to become familiar with software that I hadn’t used before, audit procedures that are a little different than what I’m used to, commuting downtown, and just trying to stay busy.

Everything has gone pretty well since then though. I’m looking forward to upcoming educational opportunities that will help with the software and procedures and everyone has been very helpful demonstrating these things and explaining how many other things are done here. I hop on a park and ride bus whenever possible to ease the stress of the commute. Also, I’ve been able to stay busier at work with many people needing help on audit projects and my calendar is filling up with projects as well.

The people here are great. Everybody has been very kind and welcoming, everyone is always willing to help, and I like that people don’t gossip behind each other’s backs which is a problem I’ve witnessed in most other work places.

I’ve already had opportunities to take part in many fun activities. I watched the annual eating contest, went to the overnight cabin outing, and the summer picnic outing.

The schedule flexibility has been great too. Half day Fridays for the summer were very convenient. Also, I was scheduled to be on an audit that didn’t work well with my personal schedule. There was no problem getting switched to another audit that worked better and everybody was very understanding of the switch.

Overall, the job change has been great and I look forward to my career growing with McGladrey.

***Note from Jay***

Ryan's team is growing rapidly and they are always on the lookout for new high performers to join them. If you're interested, check out some of the open positions below:

HCNP Senior Associate

HCNP Manager

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